Festival History

Guest Storytellers through the Years

Festival One – 1994
Kay Negash
Priscilla Howe
Bev Nelson

Festival Two – 1995
Pam Faro
Priscilla Howe
Danny & Becky McMillan
Greg Martin
Norman Peire

Festival Three – 1996
Nancy Duncan
Bill Rexroad
Marilyn Black
Don Coldsmith

Festival Four – 1997
Royal Eckert
Janet Goodenow
Sharon Arndt

Festival Five – 1998
Dan Keding
Margaret Deaver
Richard Kimbrough
Jeff O’Donnel

Festival Six – 1999
Maureen Korte
Bettie Jane Bibler
Richard Kimbrough
Angela Bates-Tompkins
David Alexander

Festival Seven -2000
John Stansfield
Judy Nichols
Carol Rehme
Phillip Thomas

Festival Eight -2001
Lynn Moroney
Rosemary Cutrer
Priscilla Howe
Omofolobo Ajayi
Dick Wellman

Festival Nine – 2002
Pat Mendoza
Dennis Gaines
Lu Adams
Regina Leininger

Festival Ten -2003
Bil Lepp
Jo Ho
Judy Coder
Joe Boley
Pippa White

Festival Eleven -2004
Ed Stivender
Marla Matkins
Elda Martens
Judy Nichols
Sharon Treaster
Ann Zimmerman

Festival Twelve -2005
Jim ‘Two Crows’ Wallen
Rachel Thompson
J.F. Stover
Fred ‘Bo’ Switzer
Priscilla Howe

Festival Thirteen -2006
Dan Keding
Jo Ho
Amah Lou Schreiber
Kathryn Thurman
Deborah Raney
Kim Sawyer
Judy Miller

Festival Fourteen – 2007
Willy Claflin
Mike Gracy
Bonnie Smith
Rosie Cutrer
Nolan Sump

Festival Fifteen -2008
Bil Lepp
Mike ‘Blue Hawk’ Adams
Deborah Greenblat
Kevin Dolan (Dino O’Dell)
Deanne Gist
Festival Sixteen – 2009
Pippa White
Ann Zimmerman
Teresa Bachman
Robert Stelmach (Max Tell)

Festival Seventeen – 2010
Michael Reno Harrell
Dianne de Las Casas
Vicky Town
Angela Bates

Festival Eighteen – 2011
Andy Offitt Irwin
Kim Weitkamp
Dino O’Dell
Nancy Jo Leachman
Solomon Valley Players

Festival Nineteen – 2012
Donald Davis
Chris Sutton
Joyce Slater
Aaron Fowler

Festival Twenty -2013
Bill Harley
Beth Horner
Vicky Town
Marla Matkin

Festival Twenty-one – 2014
Kevin Kling
Dianne de Las Casas
Jim Two Crows Wallen
Tom McDermott

Festival Twenty-two – 2015
Kim Weitkamp
Sherry Norfolk
Adam Booth
Linda Batlin

Festival Twenty-three - 2016
Michael Reno Harrell
Geraldine Buckley
Phil S. Dixon
Jo Ho

Some great history!

The Kansas Storytelling Festival started in 1994 as the vision of local citizens in conjunction with the Downs Arts Council. The Downs Arts Council mission is "to enhance the quality of life in our rural area" and the Kansas Storytelling Festival was a great step in meeting this mission.

Since the early days, the festival has continued to grow every year and the Kansas Storytelling Festival committee has been able to sign more well known names each year. The Kansas Storytelling Festival is made possible each year by a dedicated group of volunteers who coordinate the event, the entertainment, and the business of the Kansas Storytelling Festival. The committee functions underneath the guidance of the Downs Arts Council Board.

Former Kansas Governor Bill Graves officially recognized Downs in 1998 as "The Storytelling Capital of Kansas," and has proclaimed the last week of April as "The Kansas Storytelling Festival." Please join us!